Past Issues Of The Heresiarch

Volume One

Number One, Winter 1992/93

Reason And Authority, Editorial;
Deliver Us From Evil, by Joe Keenan;
Thoughts On Theologies, by Jack Gray;
Puritanism And The Theatre Part One, by Brendan Clifford;
Man's First Disobedience, by Joe Keenan;
The Orthodox Alternative, by G. M. Williams;

Number Two, Spring 1995

Jack Gray, An Obituary,Editorial;
Peter Abelard And Bernard Of Clairvaux, by Jack Gray;
Puritanism And The Theatre Part Two, by Brendan Clifford;
Jesus And The Imperial Power, by Peter Brooke;
Heretics, Arch And Otherwise, by Joe Keenan;

Number Three, Summer 1995

Coleridge And The End Of Christian Economics, by G. M. Williams;
A Defence Of The Equity Of God, by Peter Brooke;
Reply, by Joe Keenan;
Puritanism And The Theatre, Part Three, by Brendan Clifford;

Number Four, Winter 1995/96

Clad In The Bible, As With Light, by G. M. Williams;
What Is Life? by Pat Muldowney;
Editorial Comment;
Puritanism And The Theatre Part Four, by Brendan Clifford;
The Cult Of The Dead In Merovingian Gaul, by Joe Keenan;

Number Five, Summer 1996

What's God Got To Do With It? by G. M. Williams;
The Equity Of God And The Problem Of Binary Opposites, by Patrick O'Beirne;
Roots Canal Work, by Joe Keenan;
Puritanism And The Theatre Part Five, Concluded, by Brendan Clifford;

Number Six, Winter 1996

Bits And Pieces;
"Fundamentalists" Versus The Bible, By G. M. Williams;
Homage To Sextus Empiricus One;
Normans, Germans, Greeks And Popes In Southern Italy, by Joe Keenan;
The Lord Thy God Is A Jealous God, by Joe Keenan;
Of Prods And Gods, And Dancing Girls, Of Censorship And Things, by Brendan Clifford;

Number Seven, Spring 1997

Bits And Pieces;
The Gospel Of Enoch, by G. M. Williams;
Hear O Israel! by Joe Keenan;
Homage To Sextus Empiricus Two;
A Sufficiency Of Grace, by Brendan Clifford;
Innocent's Ward---The Wonder Of The World? by Joe Keenan;

Number Eight, Summer 1997

Bits And Pieces;
Voices Crying In The Wilderness, by Joe Keenan;
Biblical Embarrassments, by G. M. Williams;
Oh What A Lovely Warrior! by Brendan Clifford;
Talking To God, by Joe Keenan;
Concluding Homage To Sextus Empiricus, by Joe Keenan;

Double Issue, Numbers Nine & Ten, Winter 1998/99

The End Of The Roman Republic, by Joe Keenan;
Rome Sweet Rome, There's No Place Like Rome;
Tiberius And Gaius Gracchus;
Reaction At Rome, A Sullen Constitution;
Two's Company, Three's The First Triumvirate;
Beware The Ides Of March;
Catullus'Parlour Floor;
Appendix One, Chronology;
Appendix Two, Dramatis Personae;
Appendix Three, The Constitution;

Double Issue, Numbers Eleven & Twelve, Summer 1999

America The Beautiful? (Part One),
by Joe Keenan;
Haldane on Life, Death and Jesus,
by Gwydion M. Williams;
War Prayer,
by Mark Twain;
An Overview Of Southern Slavery,
by Joe Keenan;
Aristotle On Oligarchy And Democracy,
by Joe Keenan;


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Reason And Authority

Peter Abelard And Bernard Of Clairvaux

Deliver Us From Evil

What's God Got To Do With It?

The Lord Thy God Is A Jealous God

In A Concluding Homage To Sextus Empiricus…

Of Prods, And Gods, And Dancing Girls; And Censorship, And Things

Coleridge And The End Of Christian Economics

Innocent's Ward—The Wonder Of The World

A Sufficiency Of Grace

Beware The Ides Of March!?

Suspensions Of Disbelief

Hugh Shapland Swinny—Nationalism And Anti-Theology In Ireland At The Start Of The Twentieth Century

The Wage The Faithful Earn

An Overview Of Slavery In The Southern United States

The Darwin Controversy

America The Beautiful?

Puritanism And The Theatre

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